Amanda Lepore for Factice Magazine

photo by Vijat Mohindra

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i think weed is gross but i really like this graphic, and this song.

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Title: Better The Devil You Know (Live In Sydney Studio Version) Artist: Kylie Minogue 119 plays

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Marina & the Diamonds - Lies

If you ask me, Marina is one of the best pop songwriters of our generation. Enjoyed seeing a more stripped-down look from her - the music stands regardless of the aesthetic.


Nikolay Abrosimov by Marat Mukhonkin in editorial “Masculine Dosage”

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epiphany always serves it as beyoncé. (at Town Danceboutique)

shot of @CAZWELLnyc performing in weho last night! (at Micky’s)

it’s the C-A-Z-W-E-whatever! @cazwellnyc (at BLOK)

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Kylie Minogue at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in 2010.

photo by Kevin Tachman

Performing with Mika was one of the absolute greatest experiences of my life. I’m so thankful for it and for Mika’s inspiring brilliance as an artist.

Andre J, flawless as ever.

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